Collection of Copies of Frescoes and Icons

Certain exhibitions organized by the Historical Museum of Serbia, particularly those related to the Middle Ages (the Battle of Kosovo, The Icon – a Serbian spiritual and historical picture), requested that some frescoes and icons be copied, so that a real connection with ancient times and manners could be established. Such copies therefore reveal not only distinguished individuals and important events from Serbian mediaeval history, but also the way they were dressed, the crafts they were occupied with, the buildings they built, the way they tiled the land, etc.

Battle of Velbazhd, detail from the icon Holy Stefan of Decani with his hagiography, Monastery of Dečani

Saint Theodor of Amasea (Tyron) and Theodor Stratelates, Church of St. Demetri, Patriarchate of Peć

Measurement of souls, Our Lady of Ljeviš